Upgrade Your SLED Sales Skills with One of Our Industry Masterclass Certifications

Industry Masterclass

After more than two decades of helping industry partners create strong and successful partnerships with state and local government, the Center for Digital Government (CDG) and the Center for Digital Education (CDE) have distilled their experience into two new industry certifications, intended to help you reach new levels of sales success.

Who are the certifications for?

Sales professionals in the state, local, government and education (SLED) selling space.

Whether you are new to the SLED market or want a deeper dive into what you need to know before you meet with your IT buyers, this certification is for you. Hear it firsthand from the people who have been in the trenches. 

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  • State and Local Government Masterclass Certification: $895
  • K-12 and Higher Ed Masterclass Certification: $695
  • K-12 Education Masterclass Certification: $395
  • Higher Education Masterclass Certification: $395

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This 12-part certification course is brought to you by the Center for Digital Government's market experts – providing you with the knowledge needed to reach new levels of sales success and make a positive impact with your government customers. 

  1. Introduction to State and Local Government
  2. Funding and Budget Process
  3. Timing and Seasonality
  4. The Buyer’s Journey
  5. Pre-Sales Intelligence
  6. Procurement
  7. Purchasing Rules and Regulations
  8. Building Trust
  9. Leveraging the Channel
  10. Ethics and Doing Business With Government
  11. Tech Close-up: Secure and Resilient Government
  12. Tech Close-up: State of Broadband


The Center for Digital Education's new 9-part certification empowers industry professionals with the knowledge needed to succeed in selling IT goods and services in the education sector. In this course, experienced IT leaders from K-12 and Higher Education landscapes share insights for a comprehensive understanding of the education tech market.

K-12 Education Modules

  1. Introduction to K-12
  2. K-12 Budgets and Funding
  3. K-12 Buyer’s Journey
  4. K-12 Pre-Sales Intelligence
  5. K-12 E-Rate Overview
Higher Education Modules
  1. Introduction to Higher Education
  2. Higher Education Budgets and Funding
  3. Higher Education Buyer’s Journey
  4. Higher Education Pre-Sales Intelligence